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Services Policy
Reference to the national "three guarantees" provisions in the period for repair failure caused by anything which the quality of the product itself, the customer with the completed original warranty card and purchase invoices authorized service center in Seattle, across the country to enjoy freerepair services.
Not receiving machine fails due to the modification or installation of other features.
The warranty card and purchase invoice obliterated repair invalid.
Check repair center is responsible for maintenance the machine manufacturing numbers and repair kits certificate.
Customers to keep the purchase invoice and repair certificate with the as repair kits certificate, not make up lost.

Referring to "some of the goods repair, replacement, return the liability", belonging to one of the following situations, not the implementation of three bags, but can be implemented repair charges.
Consumers as a result of the use, maintenance, damage caused by improper storage;
No warranty card and valid invoice;
Non-ACTO authorized service center personnel dismantled cause damage;
Model and repair model repair kits certificate does not match or altered;
Damage due to force majeure;
Failure to the requirements of the specification operations caused by the failure of the machine;
Fault move or fall, scratched or damaged.

The above is for reference only, specify the basis of the existing provisions of the ACTO.
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