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Large venue
Adopting new inorganic panel of high reliability, LX8000 series with high brightness up to 7500 lumens (ISO) and 1500:1 contrast ratioare are able to be applied in digital cinemas, conferences, meeting rooms and large-screen wall splicing, even in bright lieus for digital advertisement display. Multiple connectivities allow display of different signal sources from devices such as PC, the camcorder and the Bluetooth. Even in ambient of no lessened lighting, sharp clear images can still be presented by LX8000 through its hight brightness and contrast ratio, which enables audiences to read books or take notes in the eye compatible lighting environment. Only through PC, the presenter can easily operate the projector, which suits large screen display’s demand. Higher brightness and larger images can be achieved through stacked projection of two or more units. Operations of turn off, brightness adjustment and source signal search etc. are conveniently processed through designated PC within
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1、ACTO “Crystal Color” image processing technology makes it sharper and clearer
This unique technology owned by ACTO helps to increase bightness and hue of primary colors and meditints by improving gray scale and detail effects. With 10 bit Gamma correction, the contrast ratio and purity are greatly elevated. A more real and colorful image is presented bringing enjoyment of theater visual effects to the audiences.
2、Newly adopted USHIO 330W lamp brings super effects of high brightness and contrast rato along with extended lamp life (6000H under eco mode).
3、Aeolus cooling system
The cooling efficiency is greatly elevated by 50%, which helps to extend the projector life.
4、High altitude mode
6 fans are installed for the heat generating DMD and lamp to ensure stable operation especially in high altitude areas above 3000 meters and southern areas of high humidity and temperature.
5、High contrast ratio brings super visual effects of sharpness and high definition.
6、Input Compatible with Full HD input
HDMI,best choice for film display, is incorporated for tansmission of uncompressed audio and vedio signals.
7、New design of lamp shield prevents explosion shatters
The shield holds the lamp by 3 sides preventing internal damage braught by lamp explosion as well as physical injury to people nearby. In addition, the lamp life is greatly extended as the metal shield helps to cool down the lamp.
8、Customized startup logo
Users can select pictures they like or the enterprise’s logo as startup screen.
9、Four auto functions
Auto reverse: with the projector suspending from the ceiling, the image will reverse automatically.
Auto turn off: with input source undetected for a certain period, the projector turns off automatically.
Auto synchronization: relock current input source.
Auto Input Signal Search: automatically search and lock the input signal.
10、Centered lens design
Centered lens is designed for ceiling mount making the projector aligne with the center of the screen, which simplifies and stabilizes installation
11、Mutiple lenses options for diferent venues
Push the button, rotate the lens and it is goes off directly from the projector, easy and swift for lens replacing.
12、Fine and closely woven dust-proof filter
The filter embedded at the side of the projector protects the inner optical system from the erosion of dust and ensures stable operation.
13、360° projection for multi-media scenarios
LX8000 is able to project 360° vertically which is applied to muti-media scenarios.
14、Multiple connectivities
BNC is suitable for long distance stable signal transmission, a perfect match with top survailance and acoustic devices.
Component terminals are designed for business occasions. Compatibility with YPbPr input and output makes home cinema and entertainment easily available. 
Through the port, network operation and control is conveniently managed. A computer is able to control all the projectors within the LAN, only if the user enters the corresponding IP in IE address bar.
HDMI, the best choice for film display, can transimit audio and vedio signals without compression.
15、Prioritized LAN network control
Through the LAN management and control, the user can easily operate every one of or some of projectors in the system formed by connecting two or more units together.
16、Anti-theft design for better security
6mm anti-theft lever prevents your projector from being stolen and keeps it safe and sound.
17、Motored vertical and horizontal lens shift
Motored lens and focus functionalities are incorporated in LX8000 series. Vertical and horizontal image shift can be easily carried out by motored lens instead of moving the projector manually.
Zoom in and out of the image can be easily carried out by remote control even if the projector is installed extemely high. 
Motored zoom and focus for fine tune and remote control: even installed way out of reach, the projector is able to be operated for adjustments in distance.
Lens shift: vetical(+/=50%)and horizontal (+/=10% max) shifts make operation directly visible for installation on site.
18、Unlike traditional fixed cooling time, this newly developed technology embedded realizes the setting of cooling time arranging from 3 minutes to 1 minute according to the user’s demands.
19、By embedded multi-direction infra receiver, all operations can be carried out by remote control. You can easily control the screen only by the compact remote control.
20、Elegent white
Product Type LX8100
Native resolution 1024×768 pixels
Display technology 3LCD 0.79inch
Brightness 7000 ANSI lumen
Contrast ratio 1500:1
Uniformity 90%
Lamp 330w USHIO
Lamp life 4,000 hours (normal)/6,000 hours (Eco)
Lamp replacement Top drawer replacement
Dimension 535 x 390 x 190mm
Net weight 10.8kg
Noise <38dB@27℃
Projection method Front, Rear, Ceiling mount
Color Silver
Input HDMI, D-SUB15, BNCx5, S-Video, Component, CVBS
Output D-SUB15, Mini Jack
Control port RJ45*1/RS232C
PC compatibility VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, WXGA, UXGA
Video compatibility Auto/PAL/SECAM/NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL-N
Aspect ratio 4:3/16:9
Projection lens F:1.7 -2.2,1.6倍光学变焦 F=1.6,f=22-35mm,1/4~16数码变焦功能1/4~16 digital focus
Keystone Manual Keystone, ±30
Projection distance 0.8 to 17.3m
Image size (diagonal) 30 to 400-inch
H-sync range 15 to 110KHz
V-sync range 48 to 80Hz
Power 490W (STD)/1W (Standby)
Power supply 100 to 240V @ 50 to 60Hz
speaker 7W
Operating temperature 5 ℃ to 40℃
Store temperature -10 ℃ to 60℃
OSD languages 17Languages
Standard accessories  user's manual, power cord, remote control and battery, VGA cable, Quick-Start Card
User Manual (CD),ACPower Supply Cord,Remote Control,Batteries,VGA CABLE,Lens Cap,Lens Cap,Warranty card
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