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LX640/650/645/660 series are multi-function models of diverse utilities including education, business and home entertainment. By adoption of 0.63 inch inorganic 3LCD panels LX640/650/645/660 series deliver sharp and brilliant image with brightness ranging from 2700lm to 4000lm. Optimized cooling and dust-proof design reining the noise under 29dB in eco mode ensure energy saving and environmental friendliness in operation. According to various projection requirements of training, education, conference and home utilization, LX640/650/645/660 series are injected with features of direct power on/off, 17 languages, auto keystone correction, 1/4-16 digital zoom and so on to bring easy and convenient presentation experiences. Centralized control within the LAN is easily available by RJ45 network control port. Novel scroll interface design brings out grace and delicacy of LX640/650/645/660 series with wide cabinet color options of white, silver and black.
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1、Top drawer replacement
The design of Top drawer lamp replacement brings convenience to users regarding to the lamp’s maintenance, replacement and cleaning when the projector is ceiling mounted.
2、3 second auto reverse
According to the projecton method, the image will reverse automatically in only a blink of the eye.
3、Auto keystone correction
If the screen is placed too high or too low, an angle will be generated between the projection and the screen, causing keystone distortion. Detecting the vertical gradient of the image, the projector’s built-in sensor will automatically correct the distortion to a quadrate image within variation of ±30°.
4、Speed power on
The projector turns on within only 10 seconds and can turn off automatically in preset time in unchanged image or blank screen, making energy saving easier.
5、The power cord can be unplugged right after the power is off realizing grab-and-go funcinality.
6、Customzied start up screen
By menu operation, users can customize the start up screen for enterprises or individuals presenting their own distinct and unique images.
7、Double password lock and bouble anti-theft protection
Power-on password and keypad lock functions prevent the projector from unauthorized operation and theft. In addition, the projector can be locked through Kensington anti-theft slot and anti-theft lever by chains to for theft prevention.
8、Embedded speakers
The embedded 7w mono speaker makes pesentation more vivid with super volumes even in noisy classrooms.
9、The lamp and filter counters
Users can check the operation time of the lamp and the filter directly through the counters as reminder of rutine maintenance.
10、Multiple projection modes
Four modes of dynamic, standard, theater and color board are available for selection. Whether projected in bright ambience, on black board or white wall, the image can be adjusted to the optimal with the best color effect and vividness.
11、Auto synchronization
All the presentation will be synchronized to the same interface automatically.
12、Auto signal search
All the cables connected, auto signal search starts to function and display the image automatically, providing easy and user friendly operation.
13、RJ45 network control port (optional)
Through RJ45 port, users can enter the LAN and obtain access to the projector, carrying out operations of remote power on /off and configuration. In addition, users can check the lamp counter and the projector’s operation status in distance. The LAN control function enables the interconversion of TCP and RS232, simplifying the central control. The system’s expansion capability is largely increased by the powerful LAN function. In schools or offices where the LAN is available, the user can set up connection with any computer within the LAN and can execute operations of all the projectors envolved in the LAN through any host in the system.
14、The blank screen key
By slight click of the key, the screen is switched to blank preventing information leak.
15、Innovative cooling design
By applying advanced cooling design and materials, embedded with intelligent sensor, the projector is able to adjust the fan rotation speed according to internal temperature so as to reduce the heat by means of optimizing air float and increasing air volume. Thus the projector’s durable stability can be guarranteed even in eco mode. In addition, the high altitude cooling mode ensures the projector’s operation in areas of 3000 meters above the sea level and of high temperature.
16、Partial zoom in/out and horizontal shift
AT-X5300L obtains unique features of 1/4-16 partial zoom and horizontal shift functions. Zoom in capability upto 16 folds meets demads for user-friendliness to a larger extend. And horizontal shift function enables the move of image for presentation’s convenience and effectively prevents mis-operation.
17、Eco mode extends lamp life
The Eco mode is available for selection in regard to lamp life extension and noise decrease with simultaneously purified black image.
18、19 languages options
19 embedded languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese,Thai, Persian   and Vietnamese suit users of different linguistic background for presentation.
19、3 aspect ratio options
Aspect ratio options of 16:9, 4:3, 16:10(LW200series) make multi-media vedio display, computer input signal display and high definition display easily available.
20、Lower noise, more environmental friendly
Under eco mode, the noise rate is controlled below 29dB, suitable for movie display, conference presentation in quiet ambience, letting you enjoy the image without any disturbance.
21、closed caption function, a gift for auditory disabled viewers
This function is incorporated to display the caption of a film, making it clearly visible by auto correction, enabling auditory disabled viewers to enjoy the ultimate image experiences without difficulty.
22、Chinese aesthetic scroll menu
The menu is designed by traditional Chinese aesthetic concepts, adorned with auspicious clouds and unfolded in a scroll-like way.
23、Manually adjustable cooling time.
Unlike traditional fixed cooling time, this newly developed technology embedded in LX200 series realizes the setting of cooling time arranging from 3 minutes to 1 minute according to the user’s demands.
24、Selections of Full/Short menus
The switch of Full and Short menus is easily achieved by remote control, making the search of the desired menu to adjust the setting swiftly available.
25、The management of abnormity blogs serves timely trouble shooting.
Abnormal operations such as abnormal power on/off and other irregular performances will be recorded automatically to remind the user of trouble shooting in time.
Product Type LX660
Native resolution 1024×768 pixels
Display technology 3LCD 0.63"
Brightness 4500 ANSI lumen
Contrast ratio 800:1
Uniformity 85%
Lamp 230w NSH
Lamp life 3,000 hours (normal)/4,000 hours (Eco)
Lamp replacement top drawer replacement
Dimension 345 x 245 x 94mm
Net weight 3.2kg
Noise <34dB[Normal]/<29dB[Eco]
Projection method ceiling, front, rear,desktop
Color White/Silver/Black
Input S-Video/Composite Video/Video/15-pin D-subx2/Mini-Jack(stereo)/RCA(L/R)audio input
Output 15-pin D-sub,RS-232,Mini-Jack,RJ45
PC compatibility VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, WXGA, UXGA, Mac
Video compatibility PAL,SECAM,NTSC 4.43,PAL-M,N,HDTV(480i,480p,575i,575p,720p,1035i,and 1080i480i,480p,575i,575p,720p,1035i,and 1080i)
Aspect ratio 4:3/16:9
Projection lens manual zoom/focus lens
Digital Keystone Throw Ratio 70"@2.07m
Projection distance 1.4 to 12.7m
Image size (diagonal) 40 to 300-inch
H-sync range 15 to 100KHz
V-sync range 50 to 100Hz
Power 285W (STD)/5W (Standby)
Power supply 100 to 240V @ 50 to 60Hz
speaker mono 7w
Operating temperature 0 ℃ to 40℃
Store temperature -10 ℃ to 60℃
OSD languages 19 languages
Standard accessories User Manual ,ACPower Supply Cord,Remote Control,Batteries,VGA CABLE,Lens Cap,PIN CODE
User Manual ,ACPower Supply Cord,Remote Control和Batteries,VGA CABLE,Lens Cap,PIN CODE   PIN Ccde
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